Guide to Optimizing LinkedIn Profile for Freelancers

Hey fellow freelancers!

Ever wondered how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out and attract the right clients? Well, you’re in the right place.

In this guide, I’ll share my personal journey of optimizing my LinkedIn profile and growing my freelance network. Let’s dive in together and take your LinkedIn game to the next level!

Assessing Your Current Profile

Reviewing Your Profile Picture

Alright, let’s talk about the real deal – your profile picture. It’s not just a picture; it’s your virtual first impression. And trust me, if you’ve heard this advice before, it’s because it’s crucial. If you haven’t changed your profile picture yet, here’s your friendly reminder to do it now!

Now, let’s address some common mistakes. Don’t even think about cropping your face from a group photo. That blurry vacation picture or that selfie with questionable lighting? Nope, not for LinkedIn.

What you need is a headshot, and it doesn’t need to be a fancy photoshoot. Find a white background – a plain wall without any distracting objects or pictures. Now, grab your phone and ask someone to do the honors. Make sure they use portrait mode for that professional touch.

And hey, if you want a more detailed guide on how to nail the perfect LinkedIn picture, check out the one by Milkaround. It’s worth the read.

Quick Tip: Use a free profile picture maker like this PFPMaker I used to design my current LinkedIn picture.

Crafting an Engaging Headline

Crafting your headline is like creating your digital elevator pitch. It’s that first impression that can either captivate or lose your audience. So, let’s dive into making it a magnetic introduction that truly represents what you bring to the freelancing table and grabs attention.

Now, let’s address a common situation. I’ve been a freelance writer for a solid eight years. A year ago, my headline proudly announced seven years of freelancing experience and my preferred industries. But here’s the twist – I’ve embarked on a journey into computational neuroscience. I’m passionate about building a future in this field while still nurturing my love for writing.

Now, you might be wondering if this dual focus is the best strategy. It does present a challenge – balancing and optimizing my LinkedIn profile for two distinct areas. However, if you’re focusing on freelancing, honing in on specific keywords can significantly improve your LinkedIn profile SEO across the board.

The key is to find that sweet spot where both your freelance writing expertise shine. Let’s make those keywords work for you, ensuring your headline reflects your diverse skills and positions.

Showcasing Your Freelance Experience

Optimizing the Experience Section

Your experience section is the heart of your LinkedIn profile. Let’s not just list jobs; let’s tell a story. Highlighting key projects, using action verbs, and quantifying achievements will create a vivid picture of what you bring to the freelance table.

My journey began as a writing intern for various organizations and since those early days, I’ve collaborated with multiple agencies and clients in the freelance space. In the pandemic era, I took on full-time writing roles with two companies, adding a new dimension to my experience.

However, I decided to remove the intern roles I undertook during my undergraduate studies.

Why? Well, I didn’t have a comprehensive portfolio from those internships, and work done during those periods didn’t align with my current expertise.

The takeaway here is that if you, like me, have intern roles from the early stages of your career that don’t contribute significantly to your current professional narrative, consider removing them. Your experience section should showcase your growth and the impactful work you’ve done. It’s about quality over quantity.

Remember, each role in your experience section should add value and contribute to the story you’re telling on your LinkedIn profile. It’s not about erasing your past; it’s about curating your narrative to reflect your current expertise and accomplishments. Clean up your experience section.

Utilizing Project Samples and Media

Words are powerful, but visuals speak volumes. Upload portfolio items and add links to showcase our best work. It’s time to let our projects shine.

I’ve just noticed that my featured section on LinkedIn hasn’t been updated for a while, and doesn’t include direct links to my most recent published works. Once I wrap up this article, I’m going to refresh the featured section with some of my latest articles across various platforms. This way, potential clients can easily scroll through my bylines and get a glimpse of my recent work.

I do have a searchable portfolio section on my website that I have built with Elementor for a more detailed look into my published articles. However, you don’t need a website if you’re just starting. Build a portfolio through free platforms like Medium or you can leverage Notion and it’s template to build an online portfolio/CV for free.

Networking Strategies for Freelancers

Connecting with Industry Professionals

LinkedIn revolves around building connections within your industry. Take the initiative to identify and connect with relevant professionals in your field.

An interesting development on LinkedIn is the introduction of personalized messaging using AI, especially handy when sending inMails for job opportunities or freelance pitches.

It’s crucial to always have a brief message prepared whenever you send a connection request, even to individuals you haven’t met or interacted with before.

I frequently navigate LinkedIn in search of freelancing opportunities, often connecting with people outside my existing network. For such instances, I have a concise message ready to send, serving as a brief introduction and establishing a connection. This message can also be adapted for reaching out to new contacts within your industry.


Maximizing your presence on LinkedIn is a game-changer for freelancers. One smart move is utilizing the “Open to Work” section – think of it as your freelance beacon.

Head to your profile photo area, flick the switch on, and let the world know you’re on the lookout for opportunities. Specify your expertise, like “freelance graphic designer,” toss in your preferred locations (including “remote”), and highlight your job preferences (contract, part-time, temporary).

Since freelancing is your groove, make it clear throughout your profile – you’re not on the 9-to-5 hunt.

Tweak your settings to signal availability to only recruiters or broaden the spectrum to all LinkedIn members – your call.

Niche Groups

Now, onto the group scene. LinkedIn’s groups are your freelancing playground. Dive into freelance groups for the latest industry buzz, trends, and maybe even snag some leads. But why stop there? Explore industry-specific groups related to your skills or niche.

Let’s say you’re a freelance writer in the HR realm; scout for groups where HR professionals hang out. It’s like mingling at the right party. Be active – like, comment, ask questions, and share useful content. Join conversations, especially those buzzing around trends or pain points.

Ever attended a cool workshop or conference? Share it in the group; maybe someone’s headed there too. The key is to be seen, and heard, and make those freelance opportunities pop up in the right circles. Get ready to navigate the LinkedIn freelancing world like a pro! 

Optimizing LinkedIn Profile for Search Engines

Well we have already discussed some of the tips that help you to elevate your linkedin profile for search engines and even for linkedin searches.  but here are some advanced LinkedIn profile optimization tips that can help you to optimize your linkage and profile:

  1. Profile Banner: Amp up your background banner game. Choose an image that vibes with your industry, and make sure it’s high-quality. This is prime real estate to showcase your professional flair.
  2. Keyword: Boost your LinkedIn search game by strategically sprinkling relevant keywords. Tweak your headline, summary, experience, recommendations, and skills sections with these magic words. Keep it natural, no keyword stuffing allowed.
  3. Content is King: Publish articles and posts that resonate with your niche – think case studies, industry insights, how-to guides, and quick tips. Quality content elevates your profile’s SEO game.
  4. Credibility Boosters: Rack up those recommendations and skill endorsements. Give to receive – endorse and recommend your connections, and watch the goodwill flow back to your profile.
  5. Hashtag Hacks: Spice up your posts with hashtags. It broadens your reach beyond your network. Tap into LinkedIn’s suggested hashtags or get creative – just ensure they align with your content.
  6. Profile URL: Customize it to be clean, concise, and include your name or a keyword relevant to your profession. A neat URL not only looks professional but also helps in search engine rankings.

What Next?

We’ve covered everything from profile pictures to engaging content. Remember, your LinkedIn profile is your freelancing storefront. Keep it fresh, authentic, and aligned with your brand. Happy optimizing!

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