What is Local SEO and How to Do It

Local keywords are search terms that include specific geographic locations, such as city names, neighborhoods, or regions. These keywords help local businesses connect with potential customers in their vicinity, making them invaluable for local SEO efforts. If I start a digital marketing agency in London, which I just might someday, my pages would target keywords …

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Top 3 Alternatives to GitHub

GitHub is a popular platform for developers to host their code, collaborate with others, and contribute to open-source projects. While it is undoubtedly one of the most popular options available, not every company/individual prefers to have their code on open-source platform. Even if you are using Git, you can use one of the various alternatives …

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How to Use ChatGPT with the Latest Google Search Results

People are using ChatGPT in many exciting ways. Some popular applications include customer service chatbots, content creation, tweets, product descriptions, conversational AI interfaces, virtual assistants, and more. Some people are using ChatGPT to create unique and creative content, build to-do apps, AI Application on AWS, write creative ads, automate data science tasks, and web scape. …

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